Meat & Poultry

Full Service Butcher Shop

We are happy to help you pick out the perfect item for your holiday meal. Please come in or give us a call and we would love to help you place an order for a roast, crabs, hams, duck, goose turkeys and more. We are happy to offer cooking advice as well! If your looking for something unique don't hesitate to ask we love requests.

We still do it the old fashioned way. We have one of the last full service butcher shops in the Bay Area. You won't find any Styrofoam trays with questionable meat here - we still hand cut, trim, grind, and prepare our meats right here in-store. Head butcher Deb Trutman grew up on a West Marin farm, and her meat knowledge can't be beat!

We love to answer your questions. If you're not sure how to cook something or which cut of meat your recipe calls for, stop by or give us a call and we're happy to help.

Grab and Go Marinated Meats

Our meat department hand prepares a wide variety of marinated meat and poultry products. We make the marinades , hand cut the meats, and vacuum package them all in-house. These products are also perfect for freezing at home for later use. They can all be found below the meat counter in the self-serve refrigerator.